Yacht Charters in San Francisco

Sailing lessons on a Cataling 30 with Modern Sailing School

This guide will help you in choosing the ideal bareboat charter in San Francisco Bay for your needs. A yacht charter in San Francisco is an experience

Buying a Boat. New V Used?

Speed boat ready for storage in Alameda

Buying a boat. Choosing a new or used boat can be a tricky decision. How do you choose when almost everything looks good? Answer…

Buying Your First Boat

Boats for sale in San Francisco

You need to know what you want from a boat before buying your first boat. Our boat buyers guide is designed to help you choose the right boat for your..

Boat Riggers in San Francisco

What does a boat rigger do? Find the answer to this and more in this post. Boat riggers in San Francisco are a specialized service.

Marine Mechanics San Francisco

Marine mechanic South Bay San Francisco

BoatingSF can help you locate qualified and reliable marine mechanics in San Francisco Bay, especially around Sausalito, Oakland, and Alameda.

Marine Surveyor San Francisco

Marine surveyor at work in San Francisco

A marine surveyor plays a critical role in getting insurance, selling, and buying a boat. Find a marine surveyor in San Francisco here….

Marine Electricians San Francisco

Marine Electrician

Marine electricians are an important service to keep your boat running properly. Find out more about what a marine electrician is and does here.