Fishing for Striped Bass in San Francisco Bay

Striped Bass are found in many places in San Francisco Bay, and up into the delta. Trolling is the most popular fishing method for stripers, and the best fishing is on a strong incoming tide after a low low tide. Stripers are caught year-round in San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Strait, and Suisun Bay. Striper spots … Read more

Fishing for Rockfish Out the Golden Gate

Rockfish and Ling Cod are caught along the coast and offshore. The season for rockfish, cabezon, greenling, and ling cod is June 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. These species may only be taken in waters less than 180 feet deep. The daily limit is 10 fish total of all species, including Rockfish (minimum 10 … Read more

Fishing for Albacore in Northern California

Albacore Tuna stay farther offshore than Salmon, making them more of a challenge. They are prized for their fight as well as their good eating. Albacore are found off the California coast from June through December, but they’re typically much closer to shore during August and September. When you’re lucky, they may be only 10 … Read more

Halibut Fishing Near San Francisco

Halibut are caught both inside the bay and along the coast outside the Golden Gate. Fishing for Halibut means bouncing a weight along the bottom, where halibut stay. Common spots for halibut in the bay include Crissy Field, the south side of Angel Island, the Berkeley Flats, the south end of Richardson Bay, and the … Read more

Shark Fishing in San Francisco Bay

Sharks are also caught in the bay and along the coast. The beautiful leopard sharks are the most common, but sixgill, sevengill, and soupfin sharks are also caught. Like sturgeon, sharks are generally caught while bottom-fishing from a anchored boat using bait. The season is open all year, except that white sharks may not be … Read more