Fishing for Rockfish Out the Golden Gate

Rockfish and Ling Cod are caught along the coast and offshore.

The season for rockfish, cabezon, greenling, and ling cod is June 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. These species may only be taken in waters less than 180 feet deep.

The daily limit is 10 fish total of all species, including Rockfish (minimum 10 inches), Cabezon (minimum 15 inches) and Greenlings (minimum 12 inches), with a sub-limit on bocaccio of 2 per person (minimum 10 inches). Limit for ling cod is 2 fish with a minimum size of 22 inches.

Yelloweye rockfish, canary rockfish, bronzespotted rockfish, and cowcod must be released.

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