There are nearly 40 marinas in the central San Francisco Bay area, with a total of more than 11,000 slips. Many have some guest slips available for overnight visits. Some marinas have openings for permanent slips, but many have waiting lists.

Aeolian Yacht Club

Phone: 510 523-2586   

Founded in 1906, Aeolian Yacht Club is an all volunteer club that features deep water berths, guest dock, club sailboats and dinghies, wood workshop, and a clubhouse with a bar, kitchen, and dance hal…

Alameda Marina

Phone: 510 521 1133   

Facilities include Svendsen's boatyard, chandlery, boat hoists, launch ramp. Home to Island Yacht Club….

Arques Shipyard & Marina

Phone: (415) 332-3552   

Small marina that is part of the Arques Shipyard. No public facilities….

Ayala Cove

Ayala Cove is not really a marina, but it offers marina-like docks for day use. Moorings may be used overnight….

Bair Island Marina

Phone: 650-701-0382   

One of SF Bay’s newest Marinas. Offering 95 slips and end-ties from 20′ to 75′, power, cable, DSL and phone hookups, heated showers and laundry facilities, dock boxes with lighting, ample free parkin…

Ballena Isle Marina

Phone: 510 523 5528   

Newer marina on the west side of Alameda. Facilities include fuel dock, pumpout, tennis courts, Island Lighthouse restaurant, Ballena Bay Cafe, Ballena Bay Yacht Club, Club Nautique, Ballena Bay Yacht…

Berkeley Marina

Phone: 510- 981- 6740   

Home of the Berkeley Yacht Club and Cal Sailing Club. Fuel dock, launch ramp, boat yard. Doubletree Hotel. Skates Restaurant nearby….

Brickyard Cove Marina

Phone: 510 236 1933   

Brickyard Cove is a housing development with 200 homes and apartments, most with waterfront docks, and a small marina. Home to Richmond Yacht Club….

Brisbane Marina

Phone: 650-583-6975   

Offering 580 berths ranging in size from 30 to 66 feet and a 270’ Guest Dock. Can accommodate vessels up to 100 feet. (No live-aboards.) 300 ft. Fishing Pier. SaniSailor pumpout, Porta-potty dump…

Central Basin

Phone: (510) 834-4591   

One of the Port of Oakland marinas, managed by Almar….

Channel Marina

Phone: 510 233 2246   

Clipper Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415-332-3500   

Clipper Yacht Harbor is the largest marina in Sausalito. The 700 slips are spread across 4 basins. There’s also 100 dry storage spaces. Clipper is home to Sausalito’s best launch ramp, currently open …

Coyote Point Marina

Phone: 650 573-2594    

The Coyote Point Marina is in San Mateo, just south of the San Francisco airport and north of Foster City.
Slips for rent, including multi-hull space, guest berthing, launch ramp (for fishing), fishi…

Docktown Marina

Phone: 650-365-3258   

Located east of Highway 101 in Redwood City, Docktown Marina is home to several floating homes and houseboats. The area has a community-feel and boasts the Peninsula Yacht Club. The marina is open …

Embarcadero Cove Marina

Phone: 510 532-6683   

Emery Cove Yacht Harbor

Phone: 510 428 0505   

Slips available for purchase as well as rental….

Emeryville Marina

Phone: 510 654 3716   

Fifth Avenue Marina

Phone: 510 834 9815   

Fortman Marina

Phone: 510 522 9080   

Home of the Alameda Yacht Club. From 1904 to 1929, this historic location was the southern home of the Alaska Packers Association ships, the last square-rigged sailing fleet on the west coast. The fle…

Galilee Harbor

Phone: 415 332-8554   

Grand Marina

Phone: 510 865 1200   

Over 400 berths, ranging from 30 to 53 feet. The double-fingered, concrete berths are connected by 7-foot-wide main walks. Variety of local businesses include a boat yard, canvas shop, yacht brokers, …

Jack London Square Marina

Phone: 510 834 4591   

Many restaurants (including Jack's, Scott's Kincaid's, Il Pescatore, Tony Roma, Pizzaria Uno, Yoshi's) and shops at adjacent Jack London Square.rnrnOne of the Port of Oakland marin…

Kappas Houseboat Marina

Phone: (415) 332-5510   

The northernmost section of houseboats, closest to shore. No visitor facilities….

Loch Lomond Marina

Phone: 415 454 7228   

Marina completely rebuilt in the late 1990s. Facilities include Loch Lomond Yacht Club, Arena Yacht Sales. and Andy's Local Market….

Lowrie Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415 454 7595   

Marina Village Yacht Harbor

Phone: 510-521-0905   

The largest marina on the Estuary, this space was home to the Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding Division, which built ships during World War II….

Marina Plaza Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415-332-4723   

Small, newer marina in front of an office park near the Bay Model, between downtown and the Harbor Rd. area….

Marina Bay Yacht Harbor

Phone: 510 236 1013   

Marina Bay is a relatively new marina built in the space occupied by the Kaiser Shipyard during World War II….

Mariner Square Marina & Drystack

Phone: 510 521 2727   

Mariner Square Marina & Drystack on the island of Alameda. In addition to storage and slips, provide services such as loading your boat with gear, food, fuel, and hooking boat to trailer. Drystack …

Napa Valley Marina

Phone: 707-252-8011   

The Napa Valley Marina is the only large public boating facility, other than launch ramps, on the Napa River. In addition to covered and open slips, there's a guest dock, a fuel dock, and a large…

North Basin

Phone: 510 834 4591   

One of the Port of Oakland marinas, managed by Almar….

Oakland Yacht Club Marina

Phone: 510 522 6868   

Home of the Oakland Yacht Club, which manages the entire marina….

Oyster Cove Marina

Phone: 650-952-5540   

Since 1983, friendly service and resort setting at an affordable price. Concrete piers and landscaped promenade. Berths 30 ft to 60 ft. Double Finger Concrete Slips, Heated Dressing Rooms and Showers,…

Oyster Point Marina

Phone: 650-952-0808   

Offers Berthing for 26 to 60 ft., Two lane Launch Ramp, Pump-Out Faciiltites, Park/Open Space, Swimming Beach, Fishing Pier, Restrooms, Hot Showers, Laundry Facility for Tenants, Ample Parking, 24-hou…

Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415 435 1652   

Paradise Cay is a housing development with backyards facing docks on man-made canals. There's a new marina that can accommodate boats to 115 feet with up to 24-foot beam on end ties. Two pump out…

Pelican Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415-332-0723   

Small marina just north of, and immediately adjacent to, Sausalito Yacht Harbor. Many classic wooden boats. No guest slips….

Pier 39 Marina

Phone: 415-705-5436   

Marina on the east side of the Pier 39 tourist mecca. Slips for sale or rent….

Pillar Point Harbor

Phone: 650-726-5727   

Protected Harbor on the coast south of San Francisco, 369 Berths, Fuel Dock, Guest Dock, Fishing Pier, RV lot, Ice-Making Facilities, Hot Showers, Restrooms, Pump-Out Facilities, Launch Ramp, 24-hour …

Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor

Phone: 510 233 3224   

Includes 12 house boat slipsrnrn…

Portobello Marina

Phone: 510 451 7000   

Redwood City Marina (Port of Redwood City Municipal Marina)

Phone: 650-363-1390   

The Port operates the 190-berth Redwood City Marina. This modern marina facility can accommodate vessels up to 50 feet in length and has 10 feet of water depth at low tide. The Marina provides elect…

Redwood Landing Marina

Phone: 650-363-1390   

Offering 43 slips and side ties, guest berths, a few live-aboards, dry storage, launch ramp, pumpout, fishing pier, picnic tables, electricity & water, public bathrooms nearby….

Richardson Bay Marina

Phone: (415) 332-5510   

The northermost marina in Richardon's Bay….

Richmond Yacht Harbor

Phone: 510 235 1176   

San Francisco Marina

Phone: 415 831-6322   

Also known as San Francisco Small Craft Yacht Harbor, the San Francisco Marina includes two separate areas, called the West Basin and the East Basin (also known as Gashouse Cove). The gas dock is in t…

San Rafael Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415 456 1600   

San Leandro Marina

Phone: (510) 577-3488   

A concrete, two-lane launch ramp, with boarding floats, is available for $10/day 24 hours per day. Both diesel and unleaded gasoline are available from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. …

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Phone: 415-332-5000   

Southernmost marina in Sausalito, adjacent to the central downtown area. It is one of the older marinas, but it has been very well maintained. Owned by Herb Madden, Jr., whose father built the origina…

Sausalito Marine Harbor

Phone: (415) 332-3100   

Small marina adjacent to the old Sausalito Marine building and the public launch ramp….

Schoonmaker Point Marina

Phone: 415.331.5550   

A relatively new, full-service marina. Side-ties can handle yachts up to 220 feet long. Guest slips often available by prior arrangement. Café at marina. Sandy beach that can be used to land or launc…

South Beach Harbor

Phone: 415-495-4911   

The newest San Francisco Marina and the only one not on the north side of the city, South Beach Harbor was built in 1986 by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. When the redevelopment agency was di…

Treasure Isle Marina

Phone: 415 981 2416   

Union Point Basin

Phone: 510 834 4591   

One of the Port of Oakland marinas, managed by Almar….

Vallejo Municipal Marina

Phone: (707)648-4370   

Largest marina in the north bay, with both covered and open berths, restaurants (Sardine Can and Zio Fraedo's Restaurant), fuel dock, chandlery, and boatyard (Vallejo Boatworks)….

Waldo Point Marina

Phone: 415 331 3393   

The largest houseboat marina in Sausalito. No visitor facilities….