Sailing Directions for Angel Island

Angel Island, being the bay’s only island of considerable size and height, is prominent from anywhere in the central bay. Access to Ayala cove, which has the only docks and moorings, is from Racoon Strait. From the east, head west through the Strait until the harbor at Ayala cove is visible to starboard. From the west, head east into the Strait, and Ayala Cove is very close on your port side.

The current through Racoon Strait can be quite rapid, and the underwater structure can cause surprisingly large waves in the western part of the Strait. These waves can appear quite suddenly, entering from adjacent flat water, even when there is little wind.

There are few major underwater hazards of concern to pleasure boats. On the East side, stay clear of the old pilings off of the building on shore. At the SE tip, Point Blunt, there is a large shoal that is marked by a buoy. In most other areas the shore can be approached quite closely.

For further details, check out the Coast Pilot.

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