North Bay

The Napa River meets the bay at Vallejo and extends north to downtown Napa. Along the way there’s a large marina and boatyard, a yacht club, and lots of shorebirds. The river provides a warm, quiet escape from the central bay and makes a nice weekend destination. Until 2009, however, there won’t be any guest dock at downtown Napa. Boaters should also exercise extreme caution north of the marina, as there are unmarked hazards along the banks.

Cruising the Napa River

The Napa River offers a quiet, scenic setting, with warmer weather than you’ll find anywhere else on the water this close to San Francisco. There’s a full-service marina and boatyard—perhaps the only one with wineries

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Red Rock Island

Red Rock Island is the only privately owned island in San Francisco Bay. And it could be yours! Just $5 million. A Big Red Rock Located adjacent to the San Rafael Bridge, near Richmond, the

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