55-foot Schooner Built in 1935 The beautiful 55-foot schooner Santana was owned by Humphrey Bogart from 1945 to 1957. She was built for W. L. Stewart, Jr., the son of the founder of Union Oil Company. Restored by current owners who purchased her in July 1998 after she had sunk in her berth. She was … Read more

Salty Dog

57-foot Gaff-rigged pilothouse schooner Built in 1972 A classic William Garden schooner, built of yellow cedar planking on oak frames. She was on her way from Vancouver to Australia in 2003 and was forced into San Francisco Bay by mast damage, and owner Richard Broadbent decided to stay "for the forseeable future".


71-foot Square Topsail Ketch Built in 1992 Built along the lines of an 18th-century dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch.


192-foot Larry Ellison’s Ronin, usually the largest private yacht on the bay when she’s here. Originally named Izanami, until too may people pointed out what that spelled when reversed. 12,000 horsepower.


128-foot Lightship Built in 1950 Based at Jack London Square, Oakland This 128-foot lightship served on the east coast starting in 1951, and later on the west coast as a relief ship. One of the last lightships to serve on the West Coast, Relief operated until 1975. Now open as a museum at Jack London … Read more


This specialized ship the wanders the bay collecting floating debris, making it safer for everyone. It is a converted World War II era aircraft recovery vessel.