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Sailing Directions for Sausalito

The entrance to the Sausalito channel is marked by the Spinnaker restaurant to port, and a red daymark to starboard. Once past the restaurant, observe the 5 kph speed limit. The Spinnaker restaurant does not

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Sausalito History

Sausalito’s Founding Sausalito has a rich history. It was occupied for centuries by native Americans, as a choice location full of wildlife. In 1822, an English sailor named William Richardson arrived in San Francisco and

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Visiting Sausalito

By Land From San Francisco, cross the Golden Gate bridge and exit at Alexander Avenue at the end of the bridge. Follow Alexander Ave. as it turns into Bridgeway and travels through Sausalito. From the

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Waterfront Homes in Sausalito

Sausalito has only a few true waterfront, land-based homes, but there are hundreds of houseboats. Sausalito’s houseboats are perhaps the quintessential waterfront homes on San Francisco. With roots going back to just after World War

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Boating Facilities and Services in Sausalito

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