The Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

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Mclaren Angler's Lodge and Fly Casting Pools
San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone: (650) 270-7258    

From website "The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club (GGACC), located in the heart of beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco has a worldwide membership of more than 500 members. GGACC members enjoy fishing the globe for all species of fish and many members are world-renowned for their casting, rod design and fly tying expertise. Any person interested in casting or fly fishing as a sport is eligible to become a member. One of the best facilities of its kind is the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club, located in the heart of beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The Club has members from across the country and around the globe, including many of the top ranked casters in the world. The Club hosts national and international casting tournaments as well as sponsors regularly scheduled local and regional tournaments. Members are offered classes and seminars in fly and plug casting from beginner through expert levels. The annual two-day fly casting seminar, created by master instructor and club member Mel Krieger, is an enormously popular event, and free to the public. The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club's facilities include the Angler's Lodge and the Casting Pools which were built in 1938 as part of the great public building effort of the era. Its style is similar to traditional mountain lodges, with rustic woodwork and stone. The facilities were designed for fly and plug casting and also provides a congenial atmosphere for related social events. The Angler's Lodge has a library of excellent books and videotapes on all aspects of fishing and casting. Fly tying and rod building equipment is also available for use. The Club provides free use of loaner fly rods for beginners for casting practice and has a full complement of tournament rods for use by qualified casters. The purpose of The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club (GGACC) is to promote the sport of fly fishing and fly and plug casting. Angling and casting clubs have an illustrious history in nearly every improvement in fishing rods, reels and lines that are used by fishermen today. A fisherman who actively participates in a club like the GGACC will become a better fisherman. The GGACC was organized in June 1933 as an offshoot of the San Francisco Fly Casting Club. The San Francisco Fly Casting Club, the second oldest casting club in the U.S., was founded in 1894, when the first tournament was held as Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The world's single-handed fly casting record of 133 ft. was established by club president Walter Mansfield in 1899, and held for 35 years to 1934. He also cast a 5 oz. fly rod 129 1/2 feet at a 1902 tournament." Eligibility Any person evidencing an interest in casting as a sport or in sport fishing is eligible to become a member. Membership There is an initiation fee of $10 for each type of membership, plus annual dues. Regular members pay $40 per year per person. A Family membership is available at $50 per year. Junior membership dues are $6 for persons 18 years or younger. Membership runs from January through December. For all other inquiries about your membership, contact Hours N/A Good for Kids Yes Upcoming club events are published in The Bulletin, a newsletter sent to members. Events include fishing trips and classes in fly tying, fly casting, plug casting, rod building and fishing. Lunches and dinners featuring guest speakers are offered to broaden knowledge and sharpen skills for upcoming fresh water and salt water fishing opportunities. Fishing experts present slide show talks, fly tying and casting demonstrations for specific productive fresh and salt water locations in Alaska, Mexico, the Sierras, the Rockies, the Florida Keys, the Caribbean and drive-to local waters. The Bulletin reports on the results of members' fishing trips and has features on special patterns and forecast stream conditions. The San Francisco Fly Casting Club had a lodge on Stow Lake and a lodge on the Truckee River. The membership was limited to 100 who were responsible for the upkeep of both lodges, plus 50 associate members who had access only to the Stow Lake lodge. During the Great Depression in 1933, the GGACC was formed from the San Francisco Fly Casting Club and took over the former San Francisco Fly Casting Club's facilities at Stow Lake. The parting was both amiable and generous. The Stow Lake clubhouse was only a modified shed and Stow Lake itself could only accommodate a few casters at a time. The GGACC discovered that the Portland, Oregon, Casting Club had persuaded the Work Project Administration (WPA) to build casting ponds in Portland. The GGACC encouraged the Golden Gate Park directors and the WPA to construct the present Anglers' lodge and casting ponds in 1938. These may be the finest casting facilities in the world. The first national tournament was held in 1939 at the newly dedicated facilities. Other national tournaments were held at the clubhouse in 1950, 1956, 1981, 1993 and 1998.

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