Vessel Assist San Francisco


Phone: 877.4BAYTOW   

Phone 877-422-9869. Local contact: Captain Philip Delano, 925-382-4422 (24-hour Cell), 925-684-2183 (Office). For towing services beyond the San Francisco Bay Area, call 800-367-8222.

About Divers

If your boat stays in San Francisco Bay, you'll want to have a diver visit periodically to keep the bottom clean. Divers can also change props and zincs without requiring you to haul the boat. And if you drop something valuable overboard in your slip, a diver may be able to help. Most divers also do more extensive underwater salvage work, should the worst happen and you find your boat sitting on the bottom.

About Boat Towing

When you're stranded on San Francisco Bay or thereabouts, commercial towing services will come to your aid. These services don't come cheaply, so consider signing up for towing insurance through Boat U.S. (If you're in immediate peril, and not just inconvenienced, the Coast Guard will come to your rescue.)