The Prop Shop

518 South 11th Street
Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: 510 235 7767   

Fax: 510 235 7769   

New propeller sales and computer assisted repairs with the Hale MRI system. Dealer for shafts, Buck Algonquin hardware, Anchor Nylon propeller bushings, Morse bearings, Michigan/Federal propellers, ZF Faster propellers, and Hung Sheng propellers. Service on hardware (shaft straightening, fabrication) also available.rn

About Propeller Service

A well-balanced and properly size propeller is essential to a smooth-running boat. Propeller shops can balance and repitch your props, and well as provide new ones when needed. If you're boat is in a boatyard, they can remove the props; if it is in the water, a diver can do the job without having to haul the boat.