Morgan Designs Inc. and Morgan Marine Engineering

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2346 Marinship Way, Suite 101
Sausaltio, CA 94965

Phone: 415-332-9462   

Fax: 415-331-2063   

Malcolm Morgan is an ABYC certified marine electrician with over 35 years experience in marine electrical systems. Services include all types of marine electrical repairs, troubleshooting, and installations. Offers comprehensive corrosion testing and electrical surveys for yachts and harbor facilities. Full CAD electrical design capabilities, and can design a new system for you or the installer of your choice. Also offers seminars and lectures on Marine Corrosion & shock hazards for yacht clubs, trade shows, and marine professionals. Dealers for Electro-Guard corrosion control systems, MasterVolt Power products, Blue Sea Systems electrical components, and many others.

About Marine Electricians

When you need new electronics installed or something isn't working right, marine electricians are the people to call. Some specialize in power systems, including batteries and inverters, while others focus on installation of electronics such as radar and GPS equipment.

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