Approaching Sausalito

When approaching Sausalito from the bay, the Spinnaker restaurant at the right of this photo is the landmark to look for. Read More

Central Sausalito

The central Sausalito waterfront, with the Horizons and Ondine restaurant building at the left. Read More

Sam’s in Tiburon

The two boats in the foreground are tied up at the guest dock at Sam’s. The restaurant’s deck is visible at the left. Read More

San Francisco Boat Works and The Ramp Restaurant

In San Francisco’s Central Basin, past the huge drydocks. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Sausalito Yacht Harbor occupies the southern end of the row of marinas. At the left is the Spinnaker restaurant. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Spinnaker Restaurant is at lower left. All of these docks except for the last two rows, which constitute Pelican Yacht Harbor, are part of Sausalito Yacht Harbor. Read More

Scoma’s Restaurant

This building dates from the late 1800s, when it was boatman’s building. Read More

Skates on the Bay Restaurant

This restaurant is perched over the bay just outside the Berkeley marina, offering spectacular views of San Francisco. Read More

Spinnaker Restaurant

The Spinnaker restaurant marks the port side of the channel entrance. It also offers great views of the bay while enjoying your lunch, dinner, or drinks. Read More