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Every month, tens of thousands of people visit looking for places to go, things to do, and items to buy that have to do with San Francisco Bay, sailing, fishing, and other waterfront topics.

Basic listings on are free.

Add or update your listing

Featured Listings

Make your listing more prominent and add more information by signing up for a Featured Listing.

With a featured listing, you get more descriptive text, additional photos, and a shaded background that highlights your listing.

Free Listing Featured Listing
Included on home page No Yes
Highlighting on category page None Colored background
Link at top of page
Photos on category page 1 2
Photos on company page 1 4
Description on category page 20 words 40 words
Description on company page 20 words 100 words

The cost depends on the category in which your listing appears:

  • Most categories: $50/month, $150/quarter, $500/year
  • Premium categories: $100/month, $250/quarter, $700/year

Premium categories are Boatyards, Marinas, Yacht Brokers, Hotels, and Real Estate.

If your business is listed in multiple categories (for example, many marinas are also listed under guest docks), your listing will be featured everywhere it appears.

Feature your company’s listing

Category Banner Ads

In addition, there is one banner ad position available at the top of each category page (such as mechanics, or marinas, or boatyards). This banner ad is 468 x 60 and is priced at:

  • Most categories: $50/month, $150/quarter, $500/year
  • Premium categories: $100/month, $250/quarter, $700/year

Topic Sponsorship

Topic sponsorship ads are available for the following sections of the site:

  • AIS (live positions, list of ships, articles)
  • Fishing (articles, fishing charter list page)

For each topic area, there are three ad spots available:

  • 320 x 250 in main content area: $50/month, $150/quarter, 500/year
  • 120 x 240 in sidebar: $100/month, $250/quarter, $700/year (two available)

Site-Wide Advertising

The run-of-site sidebar is available in two sizes:

  • 120 x 240: $50/month, $150/quarter, $500/year
  • 160 x 600: $100/month, $300/quarter, $700/year

The run-of-site sidebar ads appear on all pages that have both left and right sidebars (most pages other than photo pages).

There are two positions available (left sidebar and right sidebar), offered on a first-come first-served basis.

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BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software