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Here are some places to visit by boat on SF Bay.


It is not often sunbathing weather, but with a little hunting, you can find sandy beaches on San Francisco Bay. View list


San Francisco Bay has a few well-protected overnight anchorages and many more less-protected anchorages that make wonderful lunch or cocktail stops in the right weather. Anchoring out is one of the best ways to enjoy the bay. Unfortunately, occasional boat and ship wakes are inevitable in almost all of the anchorages, so don’t expect complete tranquility. View list

SF Waterfront

The San Francisco Waterfront is an eclectic mix of marinas, commercial ship docks, and dozens of piers that are gradually being rebuilt to convert San Francisco’s historic waterfront into a destination for tourists and locals alike. View list


There are nearly 40 marinas in the central San Francisco Bay area, with a total of more than 11,000 slips. Many have some guest slips available for overnight visits. Some marinas have openings for permanent slips, but many have waiting lists. View list

Yacht Clubs

San Francisco Bay is ringed with yacht clubs, which provide a collegial atmosphere to relax with fellow boaters. Many sponsor races and cruises and have both sail and power events. View list

Waterfront Hotels

There are, of course, hundreds of hotels in the San Francisco Bay area. We’ve listed here just a few of the SF area hotels with true waterfront locations. These are the places to stay if you want to be right on the water. View list

Waterfront Restaurants

There are only a few restaurants in the central bay area that have their own docking facilities. We’ve listed here those few, and a few more that are convenient to public guest docks or have great views of the bay. View list