The America’s Cup has produced perhaps the most engaging sailboat racing videos ever. With super-high-tech boats, always sailing on the edge of disaster, combined with enhanced videos that show virtual lines in the water and cameras on board each boat as well as in helicopters, there’s never been anything like it.

  • Americas Cup Final Videos

    In one of the most spectacular comebacks in sporting history, Team Oracle USA won the America's Cup after being behind 8-1.

  • Louis Vuitton Cup Videos

    The last races before the America's Cup itself.

  • Americas Cup World Series Videos

    To build anticipation for the America's Cup races and enable more countries to participate, both as sailors and venues, a three-year-long series of preliminary races, raced on the small 44-foot catamarans, was created and named the America's Cup World Series.

  • AC72 Videos

    The AC72s are among the most leading-edge sailboats every built. With a winged mast and hydrofoils that lift the boat entirely out of the water, they are like nothing that has sailed before (and utterly useless for anything but big-budget racing).

  • AC45 Videos

    The AC45's are smaller catamarans that were fast and challenging to sail, but not as far out on the bleeding edge as the AC72s used in the finals.

  • Scary Moments Videos

    These super-fast, exotic sailboats operate right at the edge of stability, making for some scary moments. There's been a number of capsizes and quite a few near-capsizes. Tragically, one Team Luna Rossa AC72 capsize killed one sailor and took the boat out of the race.