San Francisco Bay is a beautiful place to cruise, but you need to be aware of currents and weather conditions. These resources will help you have the best experience.


Navigation on San Francisco Bay is mostly line-of-sight. There are a few rocks to watch out for, and currents require careful consideration. (See also our San Francisco Bay Weather links.)


Once you step off land onto a boat and head out onto the bay, you're in a world dominated by nature, instead of the man-made. Enjoy the beauty of the Islands, birds, seals, sea lions, and more.


There's several big boating events on San Francisco Bay every year: the first day of "yachting season", the fourth of July, and Fleet Week. Some years, there also Tall Ships events and other interesting visitors.


There's lots to do along the shores of San Francisco Bay, from waterfront parks and shoreline trails to maritime museums and public piers.