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Andrea Cay at St. Francis

A tight fit at the St. Francis Yacht Club’s guest dock! Read More

Clipper Cove

Clipper Cove, between Yerba Buena (below) and Treasure Island (above). The Treasure Isle marina and Treasure Island Yacht Club are at the middle left of the photo. Read More

Clipper Cove

Once the landing place for Pan Am’s Clipper Ships — the first commercial planes to cross the Pacific — Clipper Cove is now a favorite anchorage of many sailors. It is nestled between Yerba Buena Read More

Corinthian Yacht Club and Tiburon

The large building at the lower left is the Corinthian Yacht Club. Above the club's marina are the two long fingers of Sams' guest dock. Read More

Horseshoe Cove

Just inside the Golden Gate, Horeshoe Cove is home to the Presidio Yacht Club. Read More

Marina Village and Oakland Yacht Club

The set of docks at the lower right belongs to the Oakland Yacht Club, and is also known as Pacific Marina. The large marina in the center is Marina Village. Read More

Presidio Yacht Club

The Presidio Yacht Club is in Horseshoe Cove in the foreground. Angel Island looms in the background. Read More

S.F. Yacht Club and the Belvedere Lagoon

The Belvedere Lagoon was formed using fill to connect the former island to the Tiburon peninsula. The San Francisco Yacht Club is at the upper left. Read More

San Francisco Boat Works and The Ramp Restaurant

In San Francisco’s Central Basin, past the huge drydocks. Read More

St. Francis Yacht Club

The red-bricked building in the St. Francis Yacht Club; behind it lies the San Francisco Marina’s west basin. Read More
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