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At the end of the San Rafael Canal, in the San Rafael Yacht Harbor. The grey building in the center is across the freeway from the marina. Read More


The Loch Lomond Marina is at the entrance to the San Rafael canal. This photo is looking north from the channel. Read More

Andrea Cay at St. Francis

A tight fit at the St. Francis Yacht Club’s guest dock! Read More

Angel Island (Ayala and China Coves)

Ayala Cove, near the left edge of the photo, is full of boats at the moorings and in the slips. China Cove, at the upper right, has a few boats anchored. Read More

Aquatic Park and Fisherman's Wharf

The curvaceous breakwater encloses Aquatic Park. The Hyde Street Pier, which houses the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, forms the right side of the park, and beyond it is Fisherman's Wharf. Read More

Arques Shipyard and Clipper Yacht Harbor

Clipper Yacht Harbor’s gas dock is near the middle of this photo. To its left is the Arques Shipyard and Marina; to its right is the edge of Clipper Yacht Harbor basin 2. Read More

Ayala Cove

The long line of docks is to the left of center; moorings (most of which are unoccupied in this photo) fill the right half of the cove. Read More

Ballena Isle Marina

Ballena Isle is the only marina on the south side of Alameda. Read More

Bay Marine Boatworks and Channel Marina

Bay Marine Boatworks is just to the left of center. The covered slips of Channel Marina are at the lower right. Read More

Bay Ship & Yacht Shipyard

Bay Ship & Yacht is the largest commercial boatyard on the Estuary. The photo shows one ship in the 390-foot drydock. Read More

Berkeley Marina

The large buildings in the lower center are the Doubletree Hotel. The boatyard and fuel dock are at the right edge of the photo. Read More

Berkeley Marina

A two-part breakwater keeps most of the bay chop from entering the marina. Read More

Berkeley Marina

View from the south side of the entrance, looking northwest into the marina. The Berkeley Yacht Club is at the right edge of the photo. Read More

Berkeley Marina at Dusk

Looking out over the marina toward San Francisco. Read More

Berkeley Marina Fuel Dock

When entering the marina, this fuel dock is immediately on your left. Read More

Brickyard Cove

Brickyard Cove is a housing development (the center finger) and a marina, in two sections to either side of the houses. Read More

Cass’ Marina

Sausalito Cruising Club is on the left, and Galilee Harbor is on the right. Read More

Cass’ Marina

The building on the left is the Sausalito Cruising Club. Read More

Clipper Cove

Once the landing place for Pan Am’s Clipper Ships — the first commercial planes to cross the Pacific — Clipper Cove is now a favorite anchorage of many sailors. It is nestled between Yerba Buena Read More

Clipper Cove

Clipper Cove, between Yerba Buena (below) and Treasure Island (above). The Treasure Isle marina and Treasure Island Yacht Club are at the middle left of the photo. Read More

Clipper Yacht Harbor

Clipper basins 2, 3, and 4 (from bottom to top). Read More

Corinthian Yacht Club and Tiburon

The large building at the lower left is the Corinthian Yacht Club. Above the club's marina are the two long fingers of Sams' guest dock. Read More

Emeryville and Emery Cove Marinas

Emeryville Marina is the cluster of docks on the left; the larger marina in the center is Emery Cove. Read More

Emeryville Marina and Emery Cove Marina

There are two marinas in Emeryville: the Emeryville Marina on the right, and Emery Cove Yacht Harbor is one the left. Read More

Fuel Dock at Gashouse Cove

The fuel dock at Gashouse Cove (the San Francisco Marina east basin). The dock in the foreground can be used as a guest dock for short visits to the neighboring businesses, including our favorite to-go Read More

Full Docks in Ayala Cove

On summer weekends, the docks at Ayala Cove are generally full mid-day, but with a slip usually becomes available before long. Read More

Gashouse Cove

The east basin of the San Francisco Marina. (The entrance is obscured in this photo by the large building, which is part of Fort Mason.) Read More

Gashouse Cove

Formally known as the San Francisco Marina East Basin, this part of the marina sits between Marina Green and Fort Mason. Read More

Gashouse Cove

The entrance to Gashouse Cove (officially the San Francisco Marina East Basin), with the western pier of Fort Mason on the left. Just inside this marina is the only gas dock in San Francisco. Read More

Government Island

This island between Alameda and Oakland is the largest of several Coast Guard bases in the bay. Three large cutters are at the dock in this photo. Read More

Grand Street Boat Ramp, Alameda

Sadly, this boat ramp has been the scene of at least two fatalities in recent years, as people who are disoriented (or drunk) at night or in poor visibility have accidentally driven into the Estuary. Read More

Hornet Museum and Nelson's Marine

The large ship just below the center of the photo is the aircraft carrier Hornet, now open as a museum. At the upper right is Nelson's Marine boatyard. Read More

Horseshoe Cove

Just inside the Golden Gate, Horseshoe Cove is home to the Coast Guard's Station Golden Gate, as well as a small marina and the Presidio Yacht Club. Read More

Horseshoe Cove

Just inside the Golden Gate, Horeshoe Cove is home to the Presidio Yacht Club. Read More

Lock Lomond Marina

San Rafael's largest marina sits at the entrace to the canal, giving it the quickest access to the bay. Read More

Marina Village and Oakland Yacht Club

The set of docks at the lower right belongs to the Oakland Yacht Club, and is also known as Pacific Marina. The large marina in the center is Marina Village. Read More

Megayachts at Schoonmaker Point Marina

The end ties at Schoonmaker Point offer berthing for the largest visiting yachts. Read More

Northern Sausalito

Kappas Marina (houseboats) is at the right edge, behind Richardson Bay Marina. The large area of houseboats in the center is Waldo Point Marina. Part of Clipper Yacht Harbor is on the left. Read More

Pan-Pacific Exposition and Yacht Harbor

The Pan-Pacific Exposition covered the entire area now known as the Marina District in San Francisco. This "autochrome" photo was taken in 1915 using an early color process. The Yacht Harbor basin in the foreground Read More

Paradise Cay

The small marina is at the top of the photo. The rows of houses with intervening waterways fill the center of the photo. Read More

Paradise Cay

The southern entrance to this waterfront home development is to the left of the red-roofed buildings. Read More

Paradise Cay Homes

Thee Paradise Cay development provides docks at each home. Read More

Pier 38

Pier 38 provides dry boat storage inside the huge pier building, and the dock provides guest berthing for anything up to a large megayacht. Read More

Pier 39

The Pier 39 marina is primarily to the south of the pier itself. The dark spots covering the northern docks at the right edge of the photo are sea lions, who have ruled this section Read More

Pier 39

The sea lions that have occupied one set of docks are evident in the upper left corner of the marina. Most berthing is on the right side of the pier. Read More

Presidio Yacht Club

The Presidio Yacht Club is in Horseshoe Cove in the foreground. Angel Island looms in the background. Read More

Richardson Bay Marina

The northernmost marina in Sausalito, perched at the edge of the houseboat community. Read More


Marina Bay is the marina on the right. Read More

Richmond Harbor and Marinas

Marina Bay is in the foreground; in the background is the Richmond Inner Harbor. Read More

S.F. Marina West Basin

The west basin is home to the St. Francis Yacht club, at the right edge of this photo. The end of Marina Green is on the left. Read More

S.F. Yacht Club and the Belvedere Lagoon

The Belvedere Lagoon was formed using fill to connect the former island to the Tiburon peninsula. The San Francisco Yacht Club is at the upper left. Read More

Sam’s in Tiburon

The two boats in the foreground are tied up at the guest dock at Sam’s. The restaurant’s deck is visible at the left. Read More

San Francisco Boat Works and The Ramp Restaurant

In San Francisco’s Central Basin, past the huge drydocks. Read More

San Francisco Guest Dock at Pier 1-1/2, Pier 1 in Background

As part of “The Piers SF” development, San Francisco got a nice new guest dock at Pier 1-1/2. In the background is Pier 1, a huge pier remodeled into beautiful offices. There is a Public Read More

Sausalito Ramp and Marine Harbor

Just left of center is the public launch ramp; Sausalito Marine Harbor is on the right. Many people find it worth paying for the much better private ramp at Clipper Yacht Harbor. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Boats reflecting off the fairway on exceptionally calm day in Sausalito. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Belvedere is in the background behind this row of boats on the D dock at Sausalito Yacht Harbor on a late winter day. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Sausalito Yacht Harbor occupies the southern end of the row of marinas. At the left is the Spinnaker restaurant. Read More

Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Spinnaker Restaurant is at lower left. All of these docks except for the last two rows, which constitute Pelican Yacht Harbor, are part of Sausalito Yacht Harbor. Read More

Schoonmaker Point Marina

Schoonmaker Point fills the center of this photo. To the left is Cass' Marina. Read More

Schoonmaker Point Marina

Schoonmaker comprises the majority of the docks in this photo. Clipper Basin 1 is on the left, and Cass' Marina is on the right. Read More

Schoonmaker Point Marina

The large vessel at the left is Transquest, a 108-foot submersible launch platform for ocean research. If you’re looking to charter a boat to launch your 50-foot submarine, here’s your answer. Read More

Schoonmaker Point Marina and Dunphy Park

To the left is Dunphy Park, with the Sausalito Cruising Club and Cass’ Marina near the center. The right half of the photo is filled by the south end of Schoonmaker Point Marina. Read More

Shipway Buildings

The old shipway buildings are prominent in the center-left of this photo. The docks to the left are the West Basin of Marina Village Yacht Harbor; those to the right are used by half a Read More

South Beach Harbor

South Beach Harbor is just south of the Bay Bridge and is the newest marina in San Francisco. Read More

St. Francis Yacht Club

The red-bricked building in the St. Francis Yacht Club; behind it lies the San Francisco Marina’s west basin. Read More

The Taj Mahal

This lavish houseboat is rarely occupied. It reportedly sold for over $1 million not long ago. It also pays rent on the half-dozen slip spaces it occupies! Read More

Tourists and Sea Lions at Pier 39

Visitors crowd the deck at Pier 39 to watch the Fleet Week airshow. The sea lions, which have taken over the docks to the right, appear uninterested. Read More

Treasure Island and Clipper Cove

The Bay Bridge crosses Yerba Buena Island. Behind and to the left of the island is Clipper Cove. Read More

Tug Turned Houseboat

One of several tugs in Sausalito that have new lives as houseboats. Read More

View from Paradise Cay

Richmond and the San Rafael Bridge are in the background in this view looking west out of the Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor. Read More

Waldo Point Houseboats

Part of Clipper Yacht Harbor is at the bottom left; the right half shows the Waldo Point houseboat community. Read More

Yacht Harbor at Panama Pacific Exposition

"Columbus Day exercises" at the Panama Pacific Exposition grounds in 1914, in the space now occupied by the San Francisco Marina West Basin. Read More
BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software