Boating Events on SF Bay

There’s nothing like a fireworks show viewed from the water to conclude a great day on the bay. We used to have two shows a year: the Fourth of July, of course, and the KFOG KaBoom! in May. Sadly, the KaBoom! is kaput.

Fleet Week, generally held in early October, is an opportunity to see Navy ships in the bay — along with nearly every other boat that moves, it seems.

If you’re not experienced with navigating in close quarters with hundreds of other boats, we recommend staying away from the crowded areas during all these events.

Opening Day is in late April. Largely a holdover from places like the northeast where opening day really means something, in San Francisco it is mostly an excuse for everyone to take their boat out. There is a boat parade and the Blessing of the Fleet by a priest on a Navy ship in Racoon Strait.

The annual Master Mariner’s Regatta brings out many of the beautiful wooden sailboats from around the bay. There’s never a better chance to see the assortment of schooners and other wooden beauties.